High Risk Young Adult Rehab

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Talbott Recovery’s Young Adult Drug Treatment and Addiction Program provides comprehensive treatment of addiction (alcoholism, other drug use disorders and other addictive disorders) and its attendant related medical, psychological, psychiatric, spiritual and work-related problems.

It is generally agreed that young adults who suffer from addiction have more difficulty achieving sobriety than their adult counterparts. The Talbott Recovery Young Adult Addiction Program was designed to address that difficulty. Talbott Recovery’s rehabilitation centers for young adults offer programs that concentrate on treating substance abuse in young adults (men and women who are approximately 18 to 25 years old). The three types of young adult treatment programs offered by Talbott Recovery include:

  • Substance Abuse in Young Adults
  • Addiction Therapy for Young Adults
  • High Risk Young Adult Rehab
  • Our therapy focusing on substance abuse and young adult drug treatment uses special groups and therapeutic techniques to address the challenges of this age. Our high risk young adult rehab program is designed for young adults deemed to be “high risk” for complicating issues during treatment.

    Substance Abuse in Young Adults – Alcohol & Drug Treatment Issues

    Recent studies indicate that young adults with addictive disorders are seldom addicted to just one substance or behavior. They are experiencing significant life changes, and are subject to high levels of peer pressure. At Talbott Recovery we understand the importance of flexibility in meeting the therapeutic needs of these individuals through young adult rehab as they are learning to navigate their constantly changing social environment.

    To prepare patients to meet these challenges, our young adult addiction program offers an integrated continuum of care for individuals with addictive and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Talbott Recovery’s approach to treating addictive disease and its accompanying emotional and physical problems is both comprehensive and individualized. Young adult drug treatment patients and their families participate in psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic groups designed to help them explore addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders as well as the impact these diseases can have on the family.

    After more than 38 years of treating chemically dependent patients, Talbott Recovery’s alcohol & drug treatment philosophy at our rehabilitation centers for young adults is built around our belief that addiction is a primary drive that must be managed through education, cognitive restructuring and emotive therapies. While living in Talbott Recovery’s structured environment, patients begin to experience a life free from active addiction. As patients move through progressive levels of care, each comprising a broad spectrum of specialty groups and services, they also actively participate in 12-Step recovery programs. Each of these elements helps the patient unearth the issues that drive his/her substance abuse and/ or addiction, allowing him/her to learn more on how to halt the addictive response.

    It is essential to recovery for patients to identify the underlying issues that tend to drive the disease of substance abuse and/or addiction. As young adults begin to recover from the shame that surrounds their illness, they can learn how to relate to self and others. This process gives patients an opportunity to develop healthy coping mechanisms and socialization skills necessary to maintain abstinence. Upon completion of our young adult addiction treatment programs at Talbott Recovery, patients are more prepared to face life’s challenges substance free.

    Length of Stay at Talbott Recovery for Young Adults

    A patient’s length of stay for our young adult addiction programs will be determined by the patient’s treatment requirements and the patient’s progress through young adult substance abuse treatment in our intensive outpatient addiction treatment setting. The minimum length of stay in the primary phase of treatment in the Young Adult Program is generally 90 days, although length of stay in the high risk young adult rehab program may be longer. If you have questions regarding one of our young adult programs, please feel free to contact Talbott Recovery today.