Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment in Atlanta, GA

When a loved one is abusing prescriptions drugs, it not only negatively impacts their life, but the lives of everyone around them. By understanding and accepting a problem with prescription drugs, recovery can be achieved through prescription drug abuse treatment and happiness for both the drug abuser and loved ones can be restored.

Young adults are especially at risk when it comes to prescription drug abuse. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, prescription and over-the-counter medications account for the most abused drugs among high school seniors, behind only marijuana. In fact, 1 in 9 youth ages 12 to 25 use prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons.

Forms of Prescription Drug Abuse

When prescription drugs are abused, it can become a serious problem, many times resulting in the need for prescription drug abuse rehab. The below categories of medications are meant to be used for medical purposes, but are sometimes used for nonmedical reasons.

If you’d like more details on forms of prescription drug abuse, view the full list of prescription drugs now.

Being able to identify a problem with the use of prescriptions drugs is crucial. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that 25 percent of prescription drug abusers who began abusing earlier than age 13 ended up meeting clinical criteria for addiction and prescription drug abuse treatment. . Prescription drug abuse in Atlanta, GA is a serious problem that needs to be identified and treated as soon as possible.

You or a loved one may need prescription drug abuse rehab if:

  • You fail in your attempts to stop using the drug
  • You feel like you have to maintain a supply of the drug
  • You can’t afford the drug, but spend money on it anyway
  • You feel like you need to use the drug regularly
  • You go out of your way to obtain the drug
  • You feel like you need the drug to deal with problems
  • You focus more time & energy on getting & using the drug

Atlanta Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment Options

Talbott Recovery offers a variety of addiction programs in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area that can suit your specific situation. A substance abuse recovery program can help put you or a loved one back on the right track.

At Talbott Recovery, you can choose from a young adult addiction treatment, dual addiction treatment, outpatient addiction treatment, drug addiction programs and more.

If you are suffering because of prescription drug abuse in the Atlanta, GA area, hope is on the horizon. Let Talbott Recovery help. Take the first step towards recovery for you or a loved one by learning more about the different addiction programs offered by Talbott Recovery today.