Adult Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Treatment Program

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Treatment within Talbott’s adult addiction recovery program is anything but dry and routine. We understand that our patients come from a myriad of backgrounds and complicated, painful situations – some even heartbreaking in their intensity. At Talbott Recovery, it is our intention to provide holistic treatment that affects mind, body, soul & spirit, and with that aim in mind we have incorporated many elements into the Adult Addiction Recovery program to address and respond to the multifaceted nature of human beings in Today’s world.

Our addiction treatment program for adults provides comprehensive treatment of addiction (alcoholism and other drug-use disorders as well as various other addictive disorders that are non-substance related) in an intensive outpatient setting and the related medical, psychological, psychiatric, spiritual and work-related problems that develop due to addiction. Holistic elements of treatment at Talbott include:


  • Recovery residences located off-campus for program attendees, which help to foster bonds of support with apartment mates over the course of the program
  • Family therapy to heal, educate and empower the entire family towards supportive wellness
  • Gender-specific treatment for both men & women
  • Group addiction therapy
  • GLBTQ groups
  • Library access for study and solitude
  • Chapel and/or Spirituality group for inner strength, understanding, self-respect and Higher Power connection
  • Volunteer opportunities and social events to help take one outside of him or herself and into the larger community of Talbott

Like Talbott Recovery’s Professionals Program, the Adult Addiction Recovery Program houses patients for alcohol recovery and drug abuse treatment in an offsite residential, surrogate family setting. This setting heals the isolation, loneliness and behavioral problems that every addict or alcoholic develops over the course of their disease. Group addiction counseling is the cornerstone of change in all of our rehab programs; we believe recovery cannot occur alone and recovery residence addiction treatment programs can be highly effective.

Talbott also features an outpatient treatment program for those struggling with addictions, as well as an intensive outpatient day treatment program. Our treatment elements are designed to maximize the recovery depth of our clients, and have been proven over 3 and a-half decades of service to professional healers and adults alike in need of alcohol and drug addiction recovery counseling and support. View our treatment elements here.

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