Therapeutic Leaves & Addiction Family Therapy

When a patient wishes to spend time off-campus, this is accomplished through Day Passes, Therapeutic Leaves and Extended Therapeutic Leaves. Each patient is eligible to apply for a Day Pass every four weeks. A Day Pass is on Saturday or Sunday. A patient is also eligible to apply for a Therapeutic Leave, one weekend every four weeks. Therapeutic Leaves begin Friday, 2:30pm and ends Sunday, 10:30pm. An Extended Therapeutic Leave occurs near the end of a patient’s substance abuse recovery treatment. It is for five nights. The primary focus of this leave is to enable the patient to setup their aftercare program and begin building a recovery support network. Your Family Counselor will discuss eligibility and application process with you. Guidelines During Therapeutic Leaves
  • No alcohol, mood altering substances and/or prescriptions are permitted around the patient.
  • The patient is required to attend a Twelve Step meeting daily.
  • The counselor on-call is available after hours if you need immediate staff support/contact.
  • Please follow up with your Family Counselor after the visit.